Contract terms


The general contract terms hereunder, attachment 1, are integral and fundamental part of the rental contract. These conditions rule the terms and conditions of this contract and refer to the property chosen by the customer among all those available. Rental contracts will be signed upon delivery of the keys. The general conditions are common, but can vary in text and content according to the duration of the rental period. Please note that the residence accommodation contract is an atypical contract, a synallagmatic contract with mixed content, and finds its legal legitimacy in the provisions of the second paragraph of Article 1322 of the Civil Code (and subsequent amendments).

2.1. Choice of the Property: Availability and prices of the chosen property can be requested by sending the appropriate form via e-mail (hereinafter the “Booking request”) available on the website in the “Apartments” section (“Get the best offer “).

2.2. Booking procedure: Upon acceptance of the offer, a booking form will follow (hereinafter the “Booking confirmation”). The form will include the contract proposal, specifying the location, the rental period, the rent amount, the expenses, the deposit amount, any additional costs (Article 3.1), and the number of people.

For acceptance, the customer must fill in the form with the missing data, sign and send this confirmation to the company as soon as possible. The booking confirmation will be considered accepted and binding by the company only upon payment of the deposit (or the payment counter-proof). A booking confirmation not respecting the indicated terms and methods will be considered ineffective.

2.3. Conclusion of the contract: the contract will be finalized upon arrival at Residenziale Il Naviglio. The customer will sign the contract and its attachments and pay the balance of the rent minus the previously paid deposit amount.


Price and payment (Deposit, Balance, Rental price)

3.1. The rental price shown on the booking form corresponds to the price for the entire rental period, if less than one month; if higher than a month, the price shown is for 30 days and 29 nights. The customer has always to take care of the cleaning of the kitchenette and dishes, even if it is not included in the mandatory final cleaning. The deposit corresponds to a down payment. It must be paid upon booking confirmation, either by bank transfer, by credit card, by bank check of an Italian bank or a reload on our Poste Pay card. The amount of the deposit is € 180.00 and has to be paid upon booking.

The balance, less the deposit, must be paid upon signing the rental agreement, i.e. upon delivery of the keys. Should you prefer to pay the balance by bank check, it is mandatory to send it to our address at Residenziale Il Naviglio, at least two working days before the check-in date, together with the copy of the identity card/passport, the fiscal code and a telephone number. The acceptance of checks is subject to its successful clearance.

The extra costs refer to our optional services, such as, for example, cleaning, covered parking space, internet access, etc. These services will be charged according to the applicable VAT tax rate.

3.2. The customer will pay as per terms and conditions of his booking confirmation. The rent has to be paid always in advance.

3.3. In case of a delayed payment of the fee or of even just the services, the company will immediately suspend all the services, deactivating immediately the magnetic cards and preventing any operation and customer care, including his access to the Residenziale. Furthermore, the company reserves the right to have the credit recovery operation managed by an external company, either by a lawyer or by a judicial injunction. The reimbursement of procedural and legal costs will be borne by the Customer.


Security deposit

A security deposit is due upon entering the apartment as per booking confirmation.

The deposit minimum security required in €1.200,00

The deposit shall be refunded in full to the customer within 45 days after termination of the contract. In case of determination of damage, caused by the customer either to the property, to the interiors or to anything else supplied, the company will have the right to withhold the aforementioned deposit, without prejudice to its right to have a compensation for any greater damage caused.

Duration, monthly termination and cancellation of the contract5.1. The duration of the contract is specified in the booking confirmation. Cancellation terms: 60 days prior to arrival date for stays from 1 to 3 months; 90 days for stays from 4 to 9 months; 120 days for stays over 9 months. In the event of cancellation, the rate will be adjusted to the actual stay. Early cancellation has to be sent by registered letter with return receipt and will be effective from the first day of the month following the date of receipt.5.2 In the event of booking cancellation before the start of the rental period, the company will have the right to withhold the amount relating to the entire deposit paid at the time of the reservation.5.3 Balance and collection of the keys must take place within 2 days from the date indicated in the booking confirmation. Otherwise, the company will retain the entire deposit and cancel the reservation.

Property replacement

6.1 The company reserves the right to replace the chosen property with another property of equal or greater surface area if, for reasons of force majeure or for any other reason beyond its control, the company is unable to guarantee the customer the enjoyment of the property self.

If the customer, for reasonable and proven reasons, refuses the property offered as a replacement, the company will reimburse him the sums paid. No further amount is owed for any reason to the client.

 Arrival and departure7.1. The customer will either collect the keys on site during reception opening hours or do a “self-check-in”.Check-in times are from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm; check-out must be before 11:00 am. There might be extra costs for check-in and check-out out of this range of times, on holidays, or in the event the customer delays. Check-in and / or check-out after 9.00 pm are not guaranteed.7.2. The signed rental contract and the attachments (1), (2), (3) and (4) (copy of these general contract conditions, building regulations, a brief description of the assets in the apartment at that date, the costs of any repairs and a list of extra services on payment available upon request) will be available to the customer at the reception.

Duties of the customer

8.1. The number of people housed inside the property must exceed in no case what foreseen by municipal regulations relating to habitability. The customer is directly responsible for that. In the event of failure to comply with this obligation, a penalty equal to 50% of the total price agreed will be applied and the company may immediately request to comply the maximum number of occupants agreed per apartment, otherwise the company will terminate the contract and ask to free the premises.

At the time of check-in, or before arriving via e-mail, the customer must give a copy of the identity cards and/or passports for each person who will access the property.

8.2. The customer declares that each person who will use the property must comply the rules of public safety (visa or residence permit) and will be personally responsible for any necessary document.

8.3. The customer undertakes to use the property with care, keeping it clean, refraining from any act that may cause any damage to the property and / or its appliances and / or its annexed structures and / or the assets contained therein. The customer undertakes to check the condition of any plants, if supplied, or any balconies / terraces, as well as to keep the eaves of the terraces clean to allow the evacuation of water.

It is forbidden to display or hang clothes, linen or anything else on the balconies or in the common areas. It is forbidden to occupy or obstruct, even partially, the common areas with personal items.

8.4 The customer also undertakes not to disturb the neighbors with noises and / or smells of any kind. It is forbidden to cause harassment due to drunkenness or use the property for illegal acts or prostitution. The management of Residenziale Il Naviglio can otherwise immediately terminate the rental contract or apply any extra charges.

8.5. The customer must return the keys of the property as agreed with the company.

8.6. Finally, the customer undertakes not to reproduce and / or deliver the apartment keys to third parties and / or to disclose to third parties any access codes to the property or passwords for the use of its services. The loss / breakage of the keys and / or the lock entails the reimbursement of a new lock (minimum € 350.00).

8.7. The customer has to observe, for the entire period of his accommodation, the ordinary precautions and safety measures to prevent the access of strangers to the property. In case of non-compliance with this obligation, the customer will be responsible for any damage caused to the property and / or to the assets contained therein.

8.8 Smoking or using open flames inside the apartments, “common” rooms and passages and any enclosed space is not permitted. Failure to comply with this obligation will result in the application, in favor of the company, of a penalty of € 1,000.00 for each non-compliance, subject to compensation for any greater damage caused.

Access to the property

A person appointed by the management shall always be allowed to access the property to carry out any necessary repairs and / or maintenance for a maximum of 4 hours per week. In the event of particularly important repairs and / or maintenance, the Landlord shall be allowed to take the necessary time. Exception made for emergencies, the site inspection will be arranged with the customer self.


Unless expressly authorized in writing by the company, animals of any species, even small ones, are not admitted neither in the building nor in the common areas, both open and closed.

Utilities interruptionThe company will not be responsible for any suspension and / or innocent interruptions of the supply of electricity and / or gas and / or water and / or internet connection and / or television and radio broadcasts.

Express termination clause12.1. The company’s right to terminate the contract must be made manifest in an e-mail or in a registered letter in the following cases: a) in case the customer does not pay the amount due, is it a percentage (deposit) or the full payment, as per booking confirmation;b) in case of non-payment of the balance as per booking confirmation;c) in case of non-payment of the deposit as per booking confirmation;

  1. d) in case of non-payment, even partial, of the requested and provided extra services;
  2. e) in case of behavior contrary to the good management of the property (see art. 8).

12.2. Should occur any of the hypothesis referred to in the previous points b), c) and d), the company will have the right to withhold, as a penalty, both the deposit and the bail as per booking confirmation.

Limitation of liability

Within the limits permitted by law and as per contract, the amount of any damages payable by the company to the customer will not exceed the amount paid by the customer to the company in relation to the same contract.

Theft and damage

The company will not be responsible for any thefts with or without burglary and any damage and / or tampering, to the detriment of the customer and his properties.

Personal data

The customer authorizes the company to communicate his personal data to third parties in relation to obligations connected with the rental relationship (Legislative Decree 196/2003).